Women of Power International

Advocacy and Education

Get educated. Get involved. Make a difference with Women of Power today!

There are lots of reasons why becoming educated as a woman and being an advocate for other women is essential to your faith as a believer. Women are called to help other women!

Upcoming Events

  • 24Oct

    PowerFest 2013: Tough Girls Tough It Out in Tucson, Arizona
  • 21Feb

    PowerFest Spring 2014: Women Are Worthy, Too! in Durham, North Carolina
  • 19Oct

    PowerFest Summer 2014: Most Blessed Among All Women in the Toms River, New Jersey area

Women of Power Programs


Women of Power International is known the world over for its intense and effective conferences, hosted in different regions of the United States (and soon, in diverse countries as well). We incorporate varied essential elements to create a balanced atmosphere for revelation, worship, education, and, above all, spiritual empowerment.


A unique facet of Women of Power is our emphasis on workshops geared around topics and issues that are important and relevant to women today.

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